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When we lived in Paris we learned the antiques business from the inside out and stoked our passion for Gothic and Renaissance styles.  M. Markley Antiques combines Meril's background in the Arts with Michael's retailing prowess to offer a curated selection of one-of-a-kind pieces by 19th century craftsmen evoking styles of centuries past.  For conditions governing the sale of our products, click on Terms.

 Michael & Meril Markley on the Alexander III Bridge


Ours is a niche, web-based business focusing exclusively on Gothic and Renaissance styles with a few items of Louis XIII and Louis XIV as well.  We offer solid wood furniture that is heavily carved yet sturdy.  It yearns for another hundred years of use and enjoyment.  Sourced exclusively in France, each item has been meticulously researched including a detailed description of its stylistic origins and current condition.


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If you are wondering how we get items from Europe to Texas, the answer is EDET International.  For years, we have trusted the folks at EDET to pick up our purchases and pack them with loving care for the trip across the ocean.  Below is a photo of EDET team members in front of one of their trucks on the rue des Rosiers at Saint-Ouen, the huge antiques market located just outside Paris.


EDET International

When items arrive and are in need of repair or restoration, we rely on George Greider of Woodwork by George in Houston.

He understands the techniques used in the 19th century, which are essential to repairing and renewing furniture, resulting in pieces that will be treasured by current owners and future generations.  We admire George's commitment to excellence and his dedication to preserving the output of artisans of centuries past.  


We have other helpers too, such as this eager research assistant in Rome...




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