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Louis XIV Armoire

Louis XIV armoire

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Item 1012 Louis XIV Grande Armoire in Walnut
Dimensions Width 77, Height 97, Depth 28 (in inches)
Interior Width 62, Height 64, Depth 20
Wood Solid walnut
Date Before 1780
Country France

After years in Provence, this massive yet elegant 18th century armoire has made its way to America. Its classic lines, grandeur and harmony of stylistic elements proclaim its nobility as a prime example of armoires constructed during the Louis XIV era in French furniture history and preserved in the regional furniture of southern Provence. It is made of hand-hewn solid walnut, with two doors and a single bottom drawer. The doors lock with the original, hefty key and the other hardware (hinges and drawer pulls) is original as well. The broad surfaces and the classic écoinçon side panels enhance the extraordinary natural richness and warm patina of the ancient French walnut. The breadth of the mouldings at top and bottom balance perfectly, and with the broad bun feet, reinforce a sense of hardy endurance complemented by the graceful curves of the meticulously carved doors. In keeping with construction techniques of the time, the armoire breaks down into six pieces for ease of mobility and to fit through small doors into large rooms. It is not only remarkable to find such an outstanding example of a Louis XIV antique armoire but also rare to find one so well preserved.


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The armoire is the show-stopper in whatever room it inhabits, whether a living room, foyer, bedroom, etc. It could even be ensconced in a custom-built niche of a kitchen dedicated to the romance of dining in Provence.

Interior Sidetop door