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  La Chaum' Yerres

 La Chaum' Yerres
La Chaum' Yerres Restaurant in Chaumes-en-Brie, France
(about an hour east of Paris)


For those of us recalling the Cable TV Series "The Flavors of France," Chef Christian Berton and his La Chaum' Yerres were highlights we never forgot. So, in December of 2008, along with our friends Brigitte and Michel Guillon, we visited La Chaum' Yerres, had a wonderful meal and met our hero.


Chef Christian Berton
La Chaum' Yerres
Pont de l'Yerres
77390 Chaumes-en-Brie
Telephone +33 01-64-06-03-42


 To read Meril's tribute to Chef Berton (Hommage to a Big Cheese in Brie) in the Newsletter of the Houston Chapter of the Wine Society of Texas, click here.



Brigitte, Michael and Meril

Michel, Michael, Chef Berton and Meril


Michael's Version of Poularde au Cidre et Moutarde based on The Flavors of France Episode 37 at La Chaum' Yerres.

8 chicken thighs*
1 onion, chopped
3 leeks, sliced in rings 1/4 inch wide
1 bunch organic carrots, sliced in rings 1/4 inch wide
1 bottle hard cider
Dijon mustard
Whipping cream
Duck fat

Fry chicken in duck fat until lightly browned (about 15-20 minutes), turning as necessary

Remove from pan

Sauté carrots, leeks and onions in the duck fat and chicken juices (5-10 minutes)

Put chicken back in pan with the vegetables

Add cider and pepper and bring to a simmer; cover and continue cooking for 45-60 minutes, turning the chicken at least once

Remove chicken and vegetables, separate out the fat from the other juices and add back to pan

Add cream and mustard to the juices to create the sauce

Continue cooking at medium heat for a few more minutes until sauce has begun to thicken

Place chicken and vegetables on a plate with rice and ladle sauce over vegetables and rice



*Original recipe calls for a chicken cut into parts, but we think thighs work best, and we leave the skin on throughout the cooking process