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Rugs - Item 3241
Antique Heriz

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Item 3241-Antique Heriz Carpet
Item 3241 Semi-Antique Persian Heriz Rug
Dimensions 10 feet (120 inches) by 13 feet nine inches (164 inches)
Materials Hand-knotted wool on a cotton base.
Date Circa 1950
Country Iran

This hand-made Heriz rug is a tribute to the weaver's art, in the form of a classic pattern of Persian carpet.  What drove us to acquire it were several factors:  the size, the condition, and the wider range of colors than the burgundies, ivories and turquoises seen in the typical Heriz.  This one includes purple, midnight blue, and yellow (or khaki-gold)  as well, resulting in a richly striking rug of an unusually large size.
We have always had a tremendous affection for the Heriz pattern as the traditional "dining room rug" whose sturdy construction and natural dyes mean a long life and many years of enjoyment.  We find the Heriz pattern to be one of the most pleasing of all Persian carpets and are not alone in this view -- as anyone will attest who has ever visited such disparate locations as the Hearst Castle (San Simeon) and the Ralph Lauren flagship store (the Rhinelander Mansion) on Madison Avenue in New York and seen dozens of well-worn Heriz carpets covering the hardwood floors.
While this rug is in very good condition overall and has evidently been well cared for in Europe before making its way to the U.S., there is a frayed repair to a border and several wear spots (although the latter add character to an example of weaving at its best).   See photos, below.


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Although traditionally used in European dining rooms, a Heriz as striking as this one does not deserve to be obscured by a dining table.  Rather, it should be in a living room or other space where it can command the attention it deserves.









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