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Antique Tables - Item 9206
Gothic Style Table & 8 Chairs

Item 9206 - Gothic Style Table & 8 Chairs
Item 9206 Gothic Style Dining Table and 8 Chairs
Table Dimensions Length 70½, Width 39, Height 30, Depth 32 (in inches), Extends to 119½ inches
Chair Dimensions Depth 15½, Width 17½, Height 47
Wood Solid oak
Country France
Date Circa 1880

This table embodies a sumptuous banquet of Gothic ornamentation. It is massive and constructed of solid oak, including not only the parquet top but extensions on either end that pull out to seat as many as 14 people. The construction is reminiscent of a refectory table with its central “H” shaped stretcher. At each end are vertical supports containing open fenestrage or tracery reminiscent of the stained glass windows and decorative arches of Gothic architecture. The foot of each support is topped by a small panel in plis de serviette design. Between the top and the vertical supports is a frieze of alternating ogives and rosaces. The color of the oak is warm and vibrant with a rich patina imparting extraordinary depth and radiance to the parquet top. With the table are eight chairs of sturdy construction in the perpendicular Gothic style. The back of each of the eight chairs is a different variation on the theme of fenestrage, combining pointed arches and rosaces. Two of the chairs, presumably destined for the host and hostess at each end of the table, have backs of open fenestrage, harmonizing beautifully with the vertical supports at the ends of the table. Each chair is topped by finials in the form of stylized flames. The horizontal rail forming the upper part of the back of each chair is a Gothic hook pattern common in massive, high-backed chairs reserved for the head of household. In keeping with chairs of the Middle Ages, the exterior panel of the chair backs is not carved because the chairs were expected to be placed against a wall and therefore seen only from the front. For other pieces featuring fenestrage and linen-fold panels, chairs 9340 and buffet 9452.


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This set of table and chairs is ideal for a large dining area where it can be extended to its full length. Preferably, it is used without a tablecloth so that the full magnificence of the parquet top can be admired.



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